05/08/2013 06:23 BST

3D-Printed Rifle Upgraded To Fire 14 Rounds, Not Break (VIDEO)

The next logical step in the continuing, worrying and seemingly inevitable evolution of freely available 3d-printed weapons has arrived.

This time it's a rifle. And it fired 14 .22 calibre shots before cracking.

'The Grizzly' is an update of a previous design that only managed to get off one shot before breaking itself, built by a Canadian known as Matthew.

The 3D-printed gun has come on far in a very short time

He used a Stratasys Dimension 1200ES industrial 3D printer to make the weapon but with the rapid increase in technology in this area it can't be long before guns can be made by widely available commercial models.

Thankfully there are limitations. The barrel need to be removed after every shot and there is the ever present threat the whole thing could explode in your hands.

Previous 3D-printed guns were limited in scope to inaccurate handguns but the demand for such technology was demonstrated when blueprints put on line were downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

Authorities and lawmakers are currently struggling to keep on top of the new technology and it is not even clear if a weapon that can effectively be downloaded into your living room can be regulated.