05/08/2013 09:04 BST | Updated 05/08/2013 09:08 BST

Boris Johnson Heckler Denies Calling Mayor A 'Fat Bastard'

A cyclist has denied calling Boris Johnson a "fat bastard", but has admitted to heckling the mayor as the pair climbed a hill on their bikes during a 100-mile road race.

Writing in his Daily Telegraph column on Monday, Boris recalled one of the toughest parts of Sunday's The RideLondon 100 course - Leith Hill in Surrey.

"Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone imitating me – pedalling alongside and puffing with satirical glee. He was one of those Gollum-like creatures whose Lycra appeared to be shrink-wrapped about his spindly form," Boris said.

"His legs were as brown and thin as Victorian dining room chairs, and he seemed to be so totally hairless that one could imagine he applied Veet to every portion of his anatomy in order to minimise wind resistance. A sign on his bony pelvis proclaimed that he belonged to a Norwich cycling club."

The mayor then said he heard the other man shout: "Put your back into it, you fat bastard."

Boris was heckled by a 'Gollum' cyclist

However the culprit, Bob Carter, 52, has denied that specific charge. "I was only trying to help him on, he was really in trouble and looked very sickly. He seemed to take it in good heart," he said.

Carter told the Evening Standard: "Hell would have to freeze over before I voted for him but fair play to him he completed the ride, which was very tough. I was giving him a bit of abuse and I think he thought I called him 'a fat b******' but I didn’t. In Norwich we are far too polite for that.

"As for Gollum, he is a cheeky so and so saying that, I have never heard that one before. I am glad he finished and if he wants to get fitter he is welcome to join us in Norwich on Sunday for our club ride."