Clearing 2013: Sheffield University Advertises In Space, Making World's Highest Advert (VIDEO)

WATCH: University Advertises For Students.. In Space

One university is trying an out of this world tactic to recruit students through clearing, by advertising in space.

The University of Sheffield sent a billboard into the stratosphere with the hope of encouraging prospective students to "upgrade" to the institution during the clearing round. The ad, which was accompanied by a microchip featuring the names of students and alumni, reached an altitude of 37.6km, making it the world's highest.

The university's ad in space

Gavin Douglas, head of student recruitment at the University of Sheffield, said: "We have launched hundreds of thousands of people into the academic, professional, political and artistic stratosphere over the years and this campaign is a direct appeal to students who have set their sights higher.

"We have a brilliant track record of developing men and women of steel who reach great heights in their careers, whatever their chosen field."

Last year, the government relaxed student number controls and gave universities the freedom to recruit unlimited numbers of students with AAB grades or higher. This year, the boundary has been lowered to ABB, meaning some universities may struggle to recruit high achievers. Many elite institutions have revealed they will be offering spaces through clearing for the first time.

Students interested in pre-registering their interests for clearing places at Sheffield can do so here.


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