University is a tremendous experience - intellectually satisfying, great fun, and full of opportunities. But there are a lot of universities and a lot of courses - the UK sector is wonderfully diverse. They just need to make sure they are choosing the right one.
The week before the A level results can be a scary time for teenagers and their parents. So, in the few days before the results are released - what can parents do to steady the ship?
Once you've found your perfect course and university you can add your Clearing choice into UCAS Track to confirm your acceptance - only do this once you have a verbal offer from the university. Remember it always works out for the best and you're going to have an amazing time! Good luck and remember there are lots of options available to you if you miss your grades.
Just like with the exams themselves, you want a fully-functioning brain in case you have to make an important decision regarding your university choices, clearing or taking a year out.
No sooner are you celebrating securing that all important place on your course, you find yourself faced with a host of practicalities to organise. The most pressing of which is making sure you'll have a roof over your head in your new city. While this is exciting, it can undoubtedly be stressful.
When your A-Level results weren’t what you were expecting and your future seems as unsure as ever, the Clearing process needs
A-Level Results Day - for students across the country this is what all of the hours of study and hard work comes down to. If you're collecting your results today, no doubt the nerves will be running high.
This week students await their A-Level results with great expectation. I remember feeling like that too. I had two conditional offers from universities and was all set to go and study to be a physiotherapist. Then I got my results - my grades were lower than expected and I found myself in UCAS Clearing.
Lots of people assume that getting the best marks leads to going to the best universities, and from there to the best jobs