06/08/2013 08:30 BST

Kieran Sorkin, Deaf Boy Born With No Ears, To Have Some Made From His Own Ribs

A boy born deaf and without ears is to have some specially made - from his own ribs.

Eight-year-old Kieran Sorkin suffers from a rare congenital deformity called microtia which affects around one in 6,000-12,000 babies.

The condition affects the development of the ear in the womb to varying degrees. Kieran's microtia is bilateral menaing both ears are affected.

kieran sorkin

Kieran with his sister Mia who cut her hair to to raise £1,100 for the Jewish Deaf Association

Kieran's mother said she hoped the procedure would make him look like everyone else.

She said: "Keiran is a really special little guy and he works really hard.

"He is always trying to make friends but he has found children always asking questions about it," reports ITV.

Specialist surgeons from Great Ormond Street hospital will use cartilage from six of Kieran's ribs to create his new ears.

Plastic surgeon, Neil Bulstrode, told the Evening Standard: "From the cartilage I will carve a framework in the shape of an ear for both sides.

"Then I will place that framework in pockets under the skin, which is sucked down with a vacuum so that the skin conforms to the contours of the ear framework."

Kieran will need a follow-up operation six months later.

He is steadily regaining his hearing thanks to a series of operations and an aid attached to his skull.

Kieran's sister Mia has been raising money for the Jewish Deaf Association which is supporting the family during the procedure.

The charity's executive director said: "We are delighted to have been able to support the Sorkin family over the years and the girls' kindness and generosity means that we will be able to continue helping other families give the best possible start in life to their deaf children," reports the Daily Mail.