“I was embarrassed when I had to start wearing hearing aids... such a positive step forward."
The new app will allow deaf people to communicate with a BSL interpreter in an emergency.
“Representation matters and, as Rose proved on Strictly, this can make a massive difference."
Rose Ayling-Ellis, the first deaf person to win Strictly Come Dancing, has been campaigning for this.
The Strictly Come Dancing star is campaigning for BSL laws to change. Here's why it matters.
Dinah Mandell relies heavily on lip reading and says the government has not done enough to help deaf pupils.
“They are not the experts on telling our stories. Hire deaf writers and listen to them."
Our new survey shows more than half of British adults don’t feel confident talking to deaf people, so here's some advice on helping those with hearing loss feel less isolated and lonely
"My son comes home very tired because he’s just concentrating so hard."
If no one holds services providers to account over their legal obligations, there really is nothing to dissuade them from continuing to ignore the needs of deaf and disabled people