07/08/2013 07:44 BST | Updated 07/08/2013 07:44 BST

O2 Magnetic Dumbbells Take The Weights Out Of Lifting (But Not The Effort)

O2 Magnetic Dumbell

Toning up with bulky cast-iron weights could be a thing of the past with the invention of "magnetic" dumbbells.

The sleek and innovative O2 Magnetic Dumbbells consist solely of two electro-magnetic rings worn above and below the elbow.

Polarity and attraction/repulsion between the two can be varied meaning wide range of traditional exercises including curls, rows, pullovers and presses can be achieved.


The makers - Suhyun Yoo, Hongseok Kim and Juhyeon Lee - claim the resistance can be set at intervals of 3kg up to a maximum of 24kg.

The device can even track your workouts and when not in use are easily transportable - far more than 24kg of iron.