07/08/2013 06:19 BST

Water Based Touchscreen 'AquaTop Display' Mean You Can Play Games In The Bath (VIDEO)

The Japanese love baths. And Electronics. Unfortunately the two haven't always mixed without resulting in horrific and untimely death.

That may be about to change as researchers at the country's University of Electro-Communications’ Koike Laboratory have come up with an ingenious way to turn water into a touch-pad display.

Using a projector, Xbox Kinect 3D depth camera and some clever programming it's possible to create an image on cloudy water which can be manipulated using hand gestures.

water display

The device can recognise fingers protruding from the water's surface

The 'AquaTop Display' can swipe select and even scoop up objects and move them around with the flow of the water.

Gaming is also taken to a new level with the addition of a sub-woofer attached to the bottom of the tank capable of using low frequencies to shoot illuminated water from the surface.

The fledgling demonstration seems very cool a bit clunky at present but this will undoubtedly improve as technology advances.