09/08/2013 06:45 BST | Updated 02/09/2014 12:59 BST

BA Mayhem Over Faulty Plane In Riyadh Sees Passenger Protests And Military Called In

British Airways has apologised to passengers flying from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia to London Heathrow after a fault saw the same plane make two emergency landings.

Around 70 passengers ended up staging a sit-in protest on the plane for five hours, according to reports, after mayhem broke out at the airport.

The trouble started when the Boeing 747 had to turn back to Riyadh on Wednesday due to a problem with the wing flaps. Then when the same plane took off yesterday, following repairs, the same problem reoccurred and the aircraft had to fly back to Riyadh.

british airways emergency landing

The plane was forced to dump tonnes of fuel while making an emergency landing

One passenger, Dean Jones, told the Mail onlinethat in the terminal at Riyadh there was "mayhem" as just one BA worker tried to deal with more than 300 passengers while other ground crew "hid' in a back office.

He went on: "Fights broke out and the military turned up.

"We were furious they put us back up in the plane when they knew there was a serious problem. BA customer relations have been useless."