09/08/2013 10:12 BST | Updated 09/08/2013 10:14 BST

Tesco To Offer Yoga Classes As It Attempts To Turn Superstores Into Community Centres

Tesco can be a hard store to love - the supermarket chain is often blamed for indirectly closing down small businesses in local towns - and its former CEO was a man who used to bribe his kids to grass up his wife if she shopped at Waitrose.

But could the supermarket giant be employing some of the HuffPost's Third Metric measures of giving back to the community?

You may think that Tesco is the place to buy ingredients for a hangover breakfast because no other shop is open, but soon you could be doing your sun salutations there.

yoga class

In a bid to revamp its image, Tesco is aiming to turn its big superstores or 'Tesco Extra' as they are called into places where you can partake in community activities, visit artisan bakeries and take part in yoga classes.

Bosses are concerned that customers view the superstores as soulless place, reported The Daily Mail, and so is trying to give back to the community by creating an environment where families would like to hang out.

tesco watford

While some people may be holding back the sniggers, the first of these new community-style stores opened in Watford yesterday to quite a positive reaction.

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However, it may take a while for this new version of Tesco to be accepted.

There are those of us who have seen grassroots community centres and local shops fall because they couldn't compete with rent prices, or the cheap prices of supermarket chains. And it may be hard for yoga fans to reconcile taking part in a class while surrounded by one of the biggest corporate companies in Britain.

Plus, selling it to the children might be a bit of a stretch. "Hey kids! Guess where we're going? No, not Chessington. No, not Alton Towers. Tesco! Yes, that's right. Tesco Watford."