Apple iPhone 5S Release Date Could Be September 10th At 'Special Event'

The next iPhone could be little over a month away if the ever-turning Apple rumour mill is to be believed.

AllthingsD report the tech giant is to host a special event on September 10 that could see the unveiling of the iPhone 5S - or even the iPhone 6 - and the much talked about but still unconfirmed cheaper plastic iPhone.

Leaked photos of what looked like packaging for the more affordable version suggest it could be called the 5C.

Apple will be looking to gain some of the market back from its rivals by competing in the lower price brackets away from its traditional higher-end areas.

Rumours regarding the iPhone 5S point towards an incremental update but one exciting possible development could be fingerprint recognition.

As ever with Apple-based gossip nothing can be known for certain until Tim Cook gets on a stage and tells us so. Previous talk of an August release has so far failed to materialise.

A few things are known about the company's next operating platform, iOS 7, as it has been available for developers for some time.

Apple are also set to launch the next Mac system, OS X Mavericks but it is unlikely this will appear at an event geared towards the next iPhone.

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