Beijing Rooftop Mountain House Ordered To Be Demolished By Chinese Officials (PICTURES)

A wealthy Chinese professor has been ordered to demolish his eccentric mountain retreat built on top of a 26-storey residential tower block in Beijing.

Zhang Biqing adorned his top-floor flat with trees, bushes and lots of fake rocks - so much so that residents in lower floors have moved out in fear the whole thing could collapse.

Neighbours have complained about the structure since building began in 2007 but officials had failed to act up until now, reports the South China Morning Press.

The apartment covers 1,000 square metres

A neighbour said: "We feel very unsafe living in this building. With all the illegal construction going on, what would happen to us if the rooftop can no longer hold all the weight?"

But now the urban management bureau of Haidian District has declared the house adornments illegal and ordered their demolition.

Biqing, who owns a national chain of acupuncture clinics, has 15 days to comply.

Speaking to the Bejing Morning News, he said: "Since I dare to live here, I am not worried about complaints.

"Famous people come to my place and sing. How can you stop them?"

One resident complained about the noise of fake rocks constantly being taken up in the lift

Locals suggest the reason authorities have failed to act for so long was because of his alleged links to officials.

One told CNN: "It's obvious he is powerful, there's no way he could do illegal building like that without knowing people."

Another said: "If I had that kind of money, I would do it too."

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