Other countries, including the US, France and India, have also imposed testing.
Irene and Francis Lau, along with their three-year-old son Freddie, have gone to Beijing, China to visit family for Chinese New Year. They haven't been outside for the last three days as most places are closed. Now, they are awaiting their flight back to the UK but have been told that British Airways flights ‘could be cancelled up two hours before they fly’. Irene is twenty-one weeks’ pregnant and worries she could get sick. On arrival back in London, they have made plans to self-quarantine and work from home.
Western leaders have been keen to get back on cordial terms with President Xi Jinping.
The 2022 Winter Olympics kicked off in spectacular style.
Narrow vote on Trade Bill could have been even worse for the PM.
Luke Grenfell-Shaw was diagnosed with cancer at 24 and now he’s cycling 30,000 kilometres on a tandem bike from Bristol to Beijing, to show that everyone can create opportunities for a fulfilled life, despite the odds. He’s sharing the journey with other people and raising £300,000 for five cancer-related charities.
US secretary of state says Boris Johnson must not be naive about Beijing's influence and intentions, HuffPost UK has learned.
45 people at the city's Xinfadi market tested positive for Covid-19.
The local government said it had reprimanded the people responsible for the earlier announcement, made just hours ago.
Some Tory, and Labour, MPs worry that trade could Beijing trade could trump all.