Channel 4 To Air 'Date A Porn Star' TV Reality Show

Channel 4 building, London
Channel 4 building, London

Porn obsessives are to be given the chance to meet the women of their dreams by dating sex film stars to look at the realities of their lives for a Channel 4 programme.

Three men who are frequent users of pornography will be introduced their adult movie idols to see if they are able to distinguish between fantasy and real life.

It is part of a new season of programmes for the station looking at the effect that porn is having on the nation and examining a more realistic view of British sex lives. The programmes will also include documentaries about the effect on teenagers of being bombarded with sexual imagery and another which will help ordinary women to get more from their own sex lives.

In one programme, Date My Porn Star, film-makers will take a trio of sex film fans to look into their views on the stars they meet, and also how the porn industry works.

Channel 4 said it wanted to see "if it is possible for them to relate to the stars as fully-formed people or whether their porn obsession has fundamentally altered their perception of the opposite sex".

In another programme in the Real Sex Season, called The Week the Women Came, a leading psychosexual therapist Trudy Hannington will try to improve sex lives for women who have struggled to orgasm or have lost their libido.

Former Loaded editor Martin Daubney will front another film - Porn On The Teenage Brain - to look at how young people are consuming explicit material and what effect it will have on their lives and how they relate to people. Daubney famously resigned from the lads' mag after an epiphany about the effect he felt that peddling soft porn was having on a generation.

And in a documentary called Virgins, young people will discuss the pressures of embarking on a sexual relationship in a world where they are surrounded by images of waxed, enhanced bodies and where porn has become normalised.

Ralph Lee, head of factual at Channel 4 said: "The aim of this season is to get a healthy perspective on sex. We live in world where pornography, fantasy and fetish are being considered the norm by many and we want to be very un-British and talk about what really goes on in Britain's bedrooms."