Ed Miliband Pelted With Eggs By Irate Voter During Walkabout In Walworth

Welcome back from hols, Ed!

With the summer campaigning not having gone eggs-actly as planned for the party, the Labour leader should have shelled out for better security after he was pelted with eggs from an irate voter, causing a scramble during his walkabout in Walworth, London. (That's enough, Ed.)

Ed Miliband, post-egging

At least one egg hit Miliband on his head and jacket. A large group of reporters, including from the Telegraph and the Guardian, were also caught in the cross-fire.

Shell-shocked reporters at the scene named the man as Dean Porter, a former homeless man who had come to protest against Labour's perceived concessions to the right of the party.

And to add insult to injury, Porter told Channel 4 News immediately after the pelting, that he believes it "should have been David [Miliband]" elected Labour leader.

Following the incident, an aide hurriedly removed the Labour leader's stained jacket and he carried on with his tour of the market, chatting to shoppers and stallholders apparently unperturbed.

Wearing a fluorescent jacket, he was seized and quickly bundled away by market security officers.

As he was led away, he told reporters that it had been an "opportunistic moment".

"They should stop giving favouritism to the banks. They do nothing. The Government do nothing. The shadow government do nothing," he said.

"I don't believe him at all. If you are poor, you are considered a burden. All they care about is the banks."

Porter's apparent Twitter profile, where he describes himself as a "London based cycle courier. 2x London to Paris rider for @TBIF. Keen Cyclist, Athiest [sic] & anti hero", seems to put paid to his claim the egging was "opportunistic".

He wrote earlier:

Miliband was apparently unfazed, continuing to walk around the market and chat to shoppers and stallholders. He later tweeted: