Google Street View Easter Egg Lets You Go Inside Doctor Who's Tardis


We all know that Google is fond of Easter Eggs. And you wouldn't be surprised that a few of the nerds inside Google HQ are Doctor Who fans, either. But this still took us by surprise.

If you visit Earl's Court in London on the old version of Google Maps, you might notice by the station an old fashioned blue Police Telephone Box.

But if you click the arrow to go 'inside', you'll find yourself somewhere else entirely - inside the Doctor's Tardis.

You can then explore the box, and digitally poke at some of the controls.

It's a great easter egg - not new, maybe, but a great find for anyone who can't wait for the Doctor Capaldi to make his first appearance. Just make sure you're using the old Google Maps, and not the new Beta version.

Take a look, below.