Top 10 Gap Year Destinations

Top travel destinations for students taking gap years
Top travel destinations for students taking gap years

Gap year travellers are looking beyond backpacking to boost their CVs, and opting for work experience placements overseas - with Thailand being the number one destination.

The number of students teaching English as a foreign language, through courses such as TEFL, has almost doubled in the past 12 months, according to one travel organisation.

1. Thailand

Top Gap Year Destinations

As well as teaching English, students are opting for bar work and internships, a survey by travel company Abta found.

Some are doing voluntary work, including working with local communities and participating in wildlife conservation projects.

Adventure gap years are also proving popular, with tour operators offering all kinds of activities from martial arts boot camps to surf schools and ranching lessons. The more traditional round-the-world backpacking gap year has dropped behind these options, although it still remains popular.

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