Luisa Zissman Strips To Her Denim Hotpants To Promote (Ahem) National Shorts Day (VIDEO)

Who says you have to win 'The Apprentice' to have a *coughs* glittering career ahead of you? Not Luisa Zissman, that's for blinkin' sure.

Luisa might not have won Lord Sugar's search for the next big thing in business but she's finding plenty to keep herself occupied (and no, I'm not talking about that back-of-cab-incident with the bloke who created Moshi Monsters).

Don't tell Helen Flanagan but Luisa is giving the former 'Corrie' star a run for her money in the flesh-flashing-what-do-you-do-again? stakes.

Take her starring role in a video (above) for National Shorts Day (me, neither), which sees Luisa doing the conga around London in the most blatant example of enforced 'fun' I've seen in some time in a bid to promote a new cocktail range.

Luisa love, I'll be opening a packet of crisps around 1ish today if you fancy attending?

Luisa Zissman relaxes in Spain