Steve Jobs Statue: Campaign Launched To Build 'Statue Of Liberty'-Sized Monument To Apple Founder

A campaign has been launched in California to build an absolutely enormous statue of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

The instigators of the project are aiming high - literally. They say they need $50,000 to start building the statue, which would eventually/ideally stand as tall as the Statue of Liberty in New York (which is about 151-feet high, not including the base).

They say that Jobs' influence on the world of technology is titanic enough to demand a majestic, humorously enormous tribute in stone.

Ideally they say the statue would be built near San Francisco, close to Apple's Cupertino HQ.

Above: the image used to illustrate the idea

"The memory of Steve Jobs is a source of inspiration. His humble origins, personal imperfections and the turbulence of his career make his story relatable," they write on the website.

"We are the bearers of his legacy. This statue will act as a reminder for the preservation of a memory worth remembering."

Launched on the crowd-source funding website Indiegogo, potential funders of the project are offered a range of benefits if they contribute to raising the ambitious target.

For just $1 you can have your name listed in the credits. For $25 you will be rewarded with a "glossy picture" of the late tech innovator, and for $35 you will get a bumper sticker. From there things get more impressive. A $200 donation gets you a 'trademark' (not trademarked) 'Steve Jobs Turtle Neck', while $999 gets you your name on the plaque.

The project's founders claim they have "identified world-class sculptors" to build the statue, and say that its eventual size will correspond to how much money they raise. While they admit that the Statue of Liberty size may be beyond their means, they are refusing to be brow-beaten by common sense.

"This statue will only be built through the help and contribution of others. Please contribute to the campaign; then, please help spread the word, and encourage others to support the vision. When the funding total is reached, please actively participate in the co-creational activities. The next step is a joint one and this project needs your help to be successful."

Unfortunately so far the project has gotten off to a slow start. As of press time on $60 of donations have arrived. But if you want to contribute, you can do so at Indiegogo.

Incidentally, with the more than $146 billion in cash that Apple has in the bank, if they wanted to fund this project they could do so roughly 2,920,000 times.