20/08/2013 06:45 BST | Updated 20/08/2013 08:56 BST

How To Have A Flat Tummy: Avoid Foods That Are Making You Bloated (PICTURES)


No one likes feeling bloated - full of gas, like a balloon, with no outlet (apart from an inevitable one, eventually). Bypass the discomfort of tummy cramps and the distended belly by thinking food smart.

This week is Gut Week, when a spotlight shines over the foods that lead to a healthy gut. The website says: "One common reason we may become bloated may be that we have an imbalance in the gut flora. For example, this may be due to going travelling or having a stomach bug.

"Constipation is another known factor in increased gas and having that bloated feeling. Interestingly densities of the well-known beneficial bacterial species Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus were observed to be lower in patients with constipation, and concentrations of potentially pathogenic bacteria and yeasts such as candida albicans may be higher. These often produce hydrogen or methane gas which contributes to making your stomach feeling uncomfortable however the symptoms will be alleviated once this imbalance has been corrected."

For some people, bloating can also happen when you hoover up your meal too quickly. Recent research from Gut Week has revealed that 33% of us gobble down lunch in under 10 minutes.

One recommendation from Gut Week experts is that you should look at your stools to gauge how healthy your diet is. If you'd rather avoid the poo-gazing, read on for an expert slideshow from HuffPost Canada which reveals which foods are making you bloat.

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