RoboSimian From Nasa's JPL Could Save Your Life But Might Scare You To Death (VIDEO)

Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory have been working on RoboSimian for some time now but a new video shows just how far it's come - and how sinister it is.

The machine is an "ape-like disaster recovery robot" designed for search and rescue in dangerous and risky situations.

RoboSimian will prove itself in a mock-up of a disaster zone in December but this new video shows it's already a dab-hand at the odd pull-up.

But skip towards the end for the concept animations of it turning valves and climbing up ladders and you'll wonder if - in a life and death trapped-after-an-earthquake scenario - you wouldn't just rather be left alone.

Robosimian recently gained further funding from those very clever chaps at DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the same chaps interested in terrifying humanoids, robotic dogs with insane balancing skills and now headless chimps.

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