Benefit Ad Features Men Who Stuff Mascara Down Their Pants - No, Doesn't Make Sense To Us Either (VIDEO)

There are very few things we'd use after they'd been down a man's pants - actually scratch that.

Seeing as some British men wear the same pair of undies for three days straight according to Dr Beckmann, there is NOTHING we use after it's been down a man's pants (apart from the obvious).

Let alone a make-up product designed for the eyes. (Think of the hygienic implications alone.)

Yet some bright spark behind Benefit's new advert has decided that there's nothing more we'd like than a little bit of man sweat to accompany our morning beauty routine.

The beauty company has teamed up with Portal A which puts men at the focus of the ad (one of whom is Vinny Guadagnino from Jersey Shore), and depicts women salivating over various bulges.

We'd rather have unruly lashes, thanks.

What do you think?

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