Mercedes Benz Trials Google Glass 'Door-to-Door Navigation' System

GPS has made getting lost in your car almost a thing of the past - but what about when you get out?

Mercedes and Google are teaming up to create a seamless navigation system that can be used in the car and on foot, reports Wired.

As you may have already guessed 'Door-to-Door Navigation' will use Google Glass to take the GPS experience to the pavement.

You'll have no excuse to be late ever again

Glass already provides you with directions whether you're walking or on the road.

Where the new system aims to to improve the experience is by effortlessly transferring route data and displays between your Glass headset and your car's display.

All this is done simply by plugging and unplugging your phone into your car.

The idea is still being tested. One of the major obstacles is Glass doesn't work on the iPhone and the Mercedes navigation system doesn't work with Android though this will undoubtedly change.

Google Glass is still in it's testing phase worn currently only worn by a select group of testers. The much-hyped technology should be available some time in 2014.

You'll have to be careful though, Glass is set to be banned while driving in the UK.

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