22/08/2013 06:18 BST | Updated 22/08/2013 06:32 BST

Coleen Nolan Targeted By Twitter Troll Who Threatens To Rape Her And Blow Up Her House

Coleen Nolan has become the latest celebrity to receive rape threats via Twitter.

A troll has targeted the 'Loose Women' star and also threatened to blow up her house.

Coleen Nolan

Nolan called the police on Tuesday after the Twitter user, called @welcome_brian, said: “Coleen Fensome – a bomb has been placed outside ur home and it will go off @22.47 HRS on a timer and trigger.”

Fensome is Coleen's husband Ray's surname.

In another sick tweet, the user said: “Coleen Patricia Fensome – U better watch urself cos I’m going 2 stalk U and find U then rape U.”

Nolan, who is grieving the recent loss of her sister Bernie, told the Mirror she will not quit the social networking site: “I’ll never be driven off Twitter by a small minority of twisted souls despite it turning serious when they threatened my life and suggested attacking my family at my address.”

Police are already investigating a troll – operating under a different name – who sent bomb threats, with the same time of 22.47 in them, to Blue’s Anthony Costa and Duncan James last week.

Nolan has been in contact with Costa and James, tweeting:

Calling on Twitter to take action on trolls, Duncan James said on Newsnight on Wednesday: "Until people are named, shamed and prosecuted there is no deterrent."


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