Google Street View Adds Images From The World's Zoos

PICS: Tried Street View? This Is Street Zoo.

You've used Street View - now try Street Zoo.

Google has added a crowd-pleasing range of new images to its Street View maps, by working with zoos around the world to make their paths and exhibits available online.

The search giant is adding 360-degree images from zoos around the world, including in the UK, Germany, Singapore and Spain.

The images will let users explore the zoos at their own place, though they may have to search for some of the highlights themselves.

"Animal-lovers, rejoice! If you enjoy watching wildlife, but find yourself stuck in the urban jungle, never fear. You can now use Google Maps and Street View to preview the must-see spots at zoos around the world before heading there in person, or take a virtual trip to some of the most famous zoos and animal parks, right from your living room."

Some of the new maps include:


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