'Kapture' Wristband Wants To Record All Your Life's 'Quotable Moments'


We've already seen automatic life-logging cameras, and now apparently it's time for the audio version.

A wrist-mounted recorder claims to be able to automatically record all of the audio in your life for up to two days, for later storage, sorting and editing.

The Telegraph reports that the 'Kapture' records everything, but keeps only the last 60 seconds of sound.

The idea is similar to that used by several smartphone apps designed to keep a certain amount of audio in short-term memory, for retrieval if needed.

The idea is to "capture all of the quotable moments in life" - though there will inevitably be privacy and even security concerns that the company will need to address. Competition - for space on your wrist, if not the specific functionality - is also likely to be fierce once Samsung, Google, Apple et al release their long-awaited assault on the wrist-based computing market.

The company says:

"There is currently no way to capture all of the quotable moments in life as they happen and in context: Those words of wisdom from a mentor, epiphanies on a long drive, and all of the crazy things kids say. Many of these are moments you could never replace. Our wearable tech device allows you to capture, preserve and share quotable moments in life."

The company has raised $300,000 in seed funding, and will launch a pitch on Kickstarter in September for another $150,000.