Deipuls 'Area' Lamp Lets You Pull Light Across The Room (PICTURES)

PICS: This Lamp Lets You Pull Light Across The Room

A new and unfeasibly expensive new lamp is offering users the chance to literally "pull" light from one side a room to the other.

The Area lamp by Deipuls is described as "magic at the swipe of a hand".

The idea is that you can turn on and off different areas of the light without having to actually touch it.

Sensors built into the light automatically detect your hands' position and movements, and instantly adjust to give you the right amount of illumination.

Users will be able to "drag" light from one side of the two-foot-long lamp to the other - giving you a pleasing sense of futuristic control over your appliances, if not any extra functionality.

AREA unfolds its magic at the swipe of a hand: illuminated areas may be activated and deactivated without the need for direct contact. The desired width of the illuminated area may be specified simply by the position of the user`s hands. Sensors instantly detect the user`s movements and activate the corresponding LEDs immediately - a convenient and highly energy-efficient method. By intuitively `grabbing` and `pulling` the light, the user may drag it from one side of the lamp to the other. Originally intended as a modular under-cabinet lamp, AREA may also be used for a much broader range of applications: there`s virtually no limit to your imagination.

Unfortunately the price is described as being available on request - which means it's almost certainly very high indeed.

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