Yosemite Rim Fire From Space: Nasa Satellite Pic Shows California National Park Burning

LOOK: Yosemite Rim Fire Photographed From Space

There's a fire burning in America's Yosemitie Park - a rather large one.

So large in fact, it can be seen from space.

And here's the proof...

The fire can be seen in the centre of the image

The image was captured by NASA's Suomi NPP satellite on August 23

Almost 3,700 firefighters are battling the fire which is the biggest on record to hit California's Sierra Nevada, covering nearly 230 square miles.

Flames up to 300 feet high have been jumping from treetop to treetop, fanned by 50mph winds.

The view from the International Space Station

Helicopters have been dropping fire retardant chemicals on the forest and two massive fire breaks have been bulldozed.

A picture from the same satellite taken during the day

Authorities say they are beginning to bring the blaze under control.

It is threatening thousands of homes as well raining ash in the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir which supplies San Francisco with drinking water.


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