Japan's Lo Maglev Super-Bullet Train Completes First Successful Public Test (VIDEO)

It's no hyperloop. But it's not bad.

The first successful public test of Japan's new 311 miles-per-hour super bullet train has been completed.

Engadget reports that it's taken the magnetic levitation train six years to get to the point where it could run a full test - but that the results appear to have been fantastic. The train ran along its custom-built 2.6 mile track in just nine minutes, hitting 311 mph at its peak.

Reporters inside the train said the ride was exceptionally quiet and comfortable, even as members of the public outside reported a tremendous roar as it passed by.

The duck-billed train will undergo many more tests and studies before its potential implementation.

But don't get too excited - the train itself isn't set to pull into a station for real until 2027.