Andrew Marr Supported By Archbishop Of York John Sentamu On His TV Return (PICTURES)

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The Archbishop of York offered his prayers to Andrew Marr as the broadcaster returned to television after his stroke.

Dr John Sentamu, who had a prostate cancer operation earlier this year, clasped the BBC man's hand as he recalled the Biblical story of a man whose hand did not function.

Marr was returning full time to host his Sunday political show after suffering a major stroke at the beginning of the year that left him "lucky to be alive'', with Chancellor George Osborne among the other guests.

Sentamu took Marr's hand

He spent two months in hospital and has undergone extensive physiotherapy to help him walk.

At the end of an interview with the Archbishop of York, Marr said: "You've also been ill, so it's very wonderful to see you back as well, can I just say?"

Sentamu replied: "So I would say the same. And I just want to say to you what happened to me when I had this terrible illness, friends prayed for me, friends encouraged me... and I just hope the same will happen to you, you know.

Marr on the set of his TV show

"Like in Luke Chapter 6, we had the man with a hand like yours. Jesus you know raises it up. And I'm going to... and I'm

going to work hard, I'm going to work there that your hand begins to work."

Marr replied: "Needs some work on it, needs some work on it.

"Thank you so much, Archbishop."


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