02/09/2013 03:54 BST | Updated 01/11/2013 05:12 GMT

Campus Party 2013: 'Glastonbury For Geeks' Opens At London's O2

Campus Party has been described as 'Glastonbury For Geeks' - but if you were expecting to see a disordered mass of tents (or even for the event to be outside), you were very wrong indeed.

As these pictures demonstrate, the Geeks' Glastonbury is very much an ordered affair.

Speakers at the event, held at London's O2, are set to include Martha Lane Fox, the founder of, Google's Vint Cerf - widely known as one of the founding fathers of the internet, and Peter Vesterbacka from the team behind Angry Birds.

O2 estimates around 10,000 people will visit the site during the five-day festival. A spokesman said visitors would be "immersed in a unique environment where lectures, workshops, competitions and hackathons take place".

The show aims to promote digital skills and help entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground. It will focus on areas including robotics, gaming, social media and astronomy.

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