Melodi Dushane, McDonald's Customer Breaks Window & Attacks Staff Because There Are No Chicken McNuggets (VIDEO)

WATCH 'Don't Make Me Assume My Ultimate Form': Terrifying Footage Of McDonald's Customer Demanding Chicken McNuggets

UPDATE: Since publication it has been raised to our attention that the audio accompanying this CCTV was added at a much later date after the incident. Dushane's arrest and incarceration remain a matter of police record but there was no audio on this tape originally and we are happy to amend this.

What do you do if you get to McDonald's so early they aren't serving your favourite chicken Mcnuggets?

Well, choose something from the breakfast menu presumably. Or if you're Melodi Dushane you start screaming, pounding the glass of the drive-through window and hissing "don't make me assume my ultimate form" at terrified staff.

The footage of Dushane repeatedly screaming "McNuggets" in true Exorcist-fashion (among other obscenities) was filmed in January 2010, but has been recirculating lately.

Melodi Dushane warned staff not to 'make me assume my ultimate form'

The 24-year-old was arrested for felony vandalism and booked into Ohio's Lucas County Jail, the Smoking Gun revealed at the time.

Dushane said she was drunk and pleaded not guilty to the charge, but was jailed for 60 days and ordered to pay McDonald's for the broken window, CBS News reported.

Among Dushane's final chilling words before she leaps back into her car and drives off are: "I'm going to eat your fucking face and I'm going to digest it and shit it out into the gutter."

Has anyone ever wanted chicken Mcnuggets this badly?


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