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Just A Tiny Hamster Driving A Massive Truck (VIDEO)

WATCH: Just Tiny Hamster Driving A Massive Truck
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We'll have to wait a while for driverless cars - but in the meantime, the animal kingdom has been testing out its skills behind the wheel. Remember the Boston terrier in control of a car? Or the African Grey who drives a buggy to the shops?

But now one tiny hamster has surpassed these feats, taking one giant step for rodent-kind. Witness this minute animal controlling an enormous Volvo truck... watch the confident creature negotiating a precarious road up a quarry... watch in awe... or be afraid. Be very afraid.

This spectacular video is the work of Volvo, who are putting their four new trucks to the test in a very unique way. Earlier this month, they released their first video, which featured their CEO standing on a Volvo truck suspended 20 metres in the air above the port in Gothenburg, all in the name of testing the strength of their FMX truck.

“We’ve introduced another four truck models. Our plan is to subject them to a variety of tests, all with the aim of demonstrating the improved characteristics of each model," reveals the CEO of Volvo, Claes Nilsson. "These are not any run-of-the-mill tests we’re doing. I can assure you you’re going to see things that nobody in the truck world has ever done before,”

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