GTA 5 Cost £170 Million To Make And Market, Officially The Most Expensive Game Ever

GTA 5 Officially The Most Expensive Game In History

Grand Theft Auto 5 is almost here - and we can't wait to get our hands on a copy. And by the sounds of the early buzz, neither can anyone else.

More than three million copies have been pre-ordered so far, making the launch of GTA 5 likely the biggest entertainment release of the year - larger than any movie or album.

Which is all probably welcome news for developers Rockstar. Because it has just emerged that the game was officially the most expensive in history.

In fact, GTA V cost a staggering £170 million to make and market.

In an interview with The Scotsman, it is revealed that more than 300 designers, programmers and artists spent at least five years on the game, and had a budget bigger than most Hollywood blockbusters to work with.

The £170 million figure also includes the cost of marketing the game, but still towers over any other video game - titles like Naughty Dog's Uncharted 3 costs only $25 million to produce, according to Cinema Blend.

In fact the only movie to have ever cost more was Pirates of the Caribbean: World's End, which had a budget of $300 million compared to GTA 5's $270 million.

It sounds like crazy money - but the game is estimated to pull in at least £1 billion in revenue in its first year, with sales of 25 million copies.

Shares in Rockstar's parent company Take-Two Interactive have doubled in the last year - despite reports of wider financial trouble.


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