11/09/2013 09:25 BST

Tennis Pro Uses Twitter To Hijack Labour MPs PMQs Question

Labour candidate for Ashfield Gloria De Piero during a visit to Eastwood in Nottinghamshire, where she met members of the public

It might be the last time MPs ask their Twitter followers for advice on what topics to raise during prime minister's questions.

Labour MP Gloria De Piero attempted to nail David Cameron on bankers' bonuses on Wednesday, unfortunately the prime minister had been reading her Twitter feed.

The Ashfield MP had tried crowd sourcing her question to the prime minister earlier in the day, only for former British number one tennis player Andrew Castle to take a swipe at Ed Miliband.

Cameron, donning his new glasses to read the message, told MPs to laughter that he "follows these things very closely". The prime minister, who used to play tennis with Castle, asked De Piero: "why reject that advice and take advice from the shadow chancellor I can't think."

Beaten in straight sets De Piero returned to Twitter after PMQs to complain.

On Wednesday a Ipsos MORI poll for the Evening Standard revealed that for the first time over half of Labour supporters (52%) are unhappy with the way Ed Mliband is doing his job - compared with 40 % who are satisfied.

The survey also revealed the Labour Party has fallen to 37% in the polls (down three points from August), while the Conservatives are up four to 34%.