GTA 5 Map Leaked: Full Official Island Layout Hits The Web (PICTURES)

GTA 5 is out in less than a week, and given that you've already booked your time off work (or prepared your 'sickie' voice…) it's time to start working out where you're going to go once you get inside the game.

Luckily, there's a map for that.

The full map of the island of Los Santos - a frankly ridiculously huge, 50 square-mile world of cities, valleys, airports and oceans - has been leaked online. It appeared on Reddit, and despite stories claiming Rockstar released it themselves, we can't find much evidence of that.

The image is broadly similar to previous leaks, and includes vast areas of natural, open land, a lake, a desert, a huge city and much more.

Rockstar has previously said that the world is bigger than that of GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption combined.

The game is out on Xbox 360 and PS3 in 17 September. Obviously, we'll have a review as soon as it's humanly possible.