Google Glass 'Hipster Edition' Discovered In Patent Documents

Google has filed a patent application for a new version of its Google Glass wearable computer which - for reasons that will become clear - has already been dubbed the 'hipster' edition.

The new version of Google Glass sees the device built into the rim of a set of traditional spectacles.

The thick-rim glasses pictured in the patent are reminiscent of styles populat amongst the Shoreditch and Williamsburg elite.

Unlike in the Explorer edition, the camera and screen are on separate sides. As reported by Engadget's Dan Cooper, the patent suggests that the wiring or connections between the two halves of the device would be built into the frame and bridge of the glasses.

It seems possible that the greater amount of space might allow for a bigger battery, but that's purely speculation.

Otherwise the functionality of the glasses would presumably remain the same - though that is increasing all the time.

Take a look at the patent details in more detail over at Engadget.

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