google news

Google has unveiled a completely redesigned News app that will look to compete with both Apple and Facebook in providing us with the latest news around the world.
'At times like this it’s more important than ever to support quality journalism.'
Most on the list did not get sufficient media attention, the White House said, without specifying which ones it considered
It's designed to "shine a light" on a growing community of fact checkers.
Google News has launched a fact check tag to help people find stories which separate fact from fiction as the US presidential
Google has decided to call time on the current form of its experimental 'Glass' wearable computer. The 'Explorer Edition
Literally every company in the world is now required, by United Nations dictat, to launch a touching, comforting Christmas
Occupy HK, the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement, is still filling the streets of the city kinda-state even as the torturous
Google has made a huge new investment in some kind of giant, floating whale generator. Or maybe it's just a new type of virtual