Exercise: How To Keep Fit At Your Desk

How To Keep Fit At Your Desk

Okay, get ready for this depressing fact: if you do a desk job, you spend around over a third of your day sitting down, and at a desk. Factor in around seven hours for sleeping, and that means you spend over two-thirds of your day horizontal.

With studies showing that sedentary lifestyles are unhealthy and can lead to major diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, fitness guru James put together a plan for exercises to do at your desk and advice for office lunches.

And if people laugh at you for doing these, just smile in the knowledge that you'll outlive them all.

Chair squat

Squat down in front of your chair without supporting yourself. Then lower slowly down so your bottom just touches the seat of the chair then come up again. Keeping the weight through your heels. Keep your head up.

3 x 20 reps is good with a break of 30 seconds between reps.

Chair or desk dips

Use either the edge or front of the chair to perform a dip. Make sure the chair is rigid and strong enough to undertake the exercise. Have your back facing the edge of the desk, arms bent. Have your legs out in front of you and your weight is going through your hands. You dip down and then push up. Feeling it in your triceps

3x 10 reps with a break of 30 seconds between reps


Either perform normal press-ups on front of your desk or if you feel adventurous, put your feet on the chair and hands on the floor. This makes things harder.

3 x 8-10 reps with a break of a minute between reps


Again one for in front of the desk - normal lunges, keeping good form and body shape.

3 x10 each leg


Crunches – Lay on the floor, flat on your back. Keeping hips pressed to the ground with knees bent and feet flat to the floor. Hands behind your head.

Raising-up your torso, curling the shoulders towards the pelvis, with the lower back remaining on the floor.

3x10 reps with a break of 30 seconds between reps

Quick nutrition tips

  • Avoid all processed food such as white bread
  • Avoid breakfast cereals – they are full of sugar.
  • Always try and eat a good breakfast – eggs and broccoli or any green vegetable - with a protein shake but always with water NOT milk.
  • They say eat 5 pieces of fruit a day. In truth don’t worry too much about the fruit - always eat vegetables but without any sauces, with every meal.

James Haskell is the health and fitness ambassador for The Healthcounter, to see James’s product range and seasonal blog topics visit www.thehealthcounter.com.

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