MP Fires AK-47 At Politician During Heated Parliament Session In Jordan (VIDEO)

WATCH: MP Fires AK-47 At Opponent During Heated Parliament Session

The House Of Commons can get heated, but at least a Member of Parliament has never fired an AK-47 at a colleague during PMQs.

However, that's exactly what happened when a Jordanian MP tried to shoot another politician during a session in parliament, unsurprisingly prompting chaos.


A video of the shooting and subsequent rows shows Talal Al Sharif firing the gun at Qusay Dmeisi.

The men had earlier engaged in a fierce parliamentary exchange and other MPs had been forced to hold back a visibly furious Al Sharif, who appeared to also remove his shoes and pull off his belt.

The MP in Jordan has been charged with attempted murder following the incident

The argument escalated rapidly when Al Sharif left parliament and promptly returned with an assault rifle.

He was stopped by guards as he attempted to enter parliament, forcing him to fire from the hallway.

The Jordanian MP was then arrested, judicial and parliamentary sources said.

"The prosecutor general of Amman on Tuesday ordered the detention for 15 days of Talal al-Sharif after he opened fire on MP Qusay al-Damissi in the Chamber of Deputies building," said the judicial source.

"He faces charges including attempted murder, possession of unlicenced firearms and resisting the security forces," she added.

MP Mohammed Shawabka got so infuriated during a debate with his opponent, activist Mansour Sayk al-Din Murad that he threw his shoe at the man before drawing a six-shot revolver and pointing it at him.

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