Ugandan Girl Serves 6-Hour Jail Term For Killing Her Rapist Father

Six-Hour Jail Term For Pregnant Girl Who Killed Her Rapist Father

A court in Uganda has sentenced a young girl to a six-hour jail term for killing her rapist father after she suffered years of abuse.

The prosecution had asked the court to give the girl, pregnant with her father's baby, a death sentence as the Ugandan Constitution condemns mob justice, Africa Review reported.

But the defence told the court that the teenager had no choice but to retaliate since she had become tired of her father’s depravity after he raped her repeatedly.

It emerged that the man had also impregnated his three other daughters multiple times, African Spotlight wrote.

The Judge sentenced the girl to six hours from the time of the ruling (11am) to 5pm in what the African Spotlight says “is probably one of the most unusual sentences heard in the country.”

According to the prison warder, Sgt Hakiri, during her stay in prison, the girl “interacted with the people around and looked sorry for what she had done,”

Despite her release, the girl continues to face retaliation, Uganda Picks reported.

According to a neighbour, the family relocated as residents at their previous home had wanted to kill them following the death of the father.


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