Declan Dineen Meets And Greets All His Twitter Followers Then Gets 12,000 More

A bored Twitter user who had a "stupid idea on a Saturday afternoon" decided to meet and greet 150 of his followers face-to-face.

Glaswegian magician and writer Declan Dineen, 32, only had 270 followers when he set himself the challenge but since his story went viral this has rocketed to over 12,000.

Dineen suspects he has been trolled by someone wanting to set him an impossible challenge to meet them all.

Dineen with one of his followers

Writing on his blog he said: "I initially dismissed it as just regular internet aggression, but when I started checking a few of the people who had followed me, I noticed many of them had been inactive for years. Or had only 1 or 2 tweets. They were zombie accounts. The exact type of accounts you'd get if you were to buy them.

"I'd been trolled.

"Imagine you're some mischievous dude with skills and time, and you see some story about a guy who wants to meet his twitter followers. What would be funnier than buying 12000 followers and latching them onto his account?"

Dineen's initial mission saw him photographed with 100 of his followers from all round the country over an eight month period, as well as skyping some of those abroad.

He told the BBC: "I did 17 cities in 14 days. I was meant to meet 62 people but I ended up with 50, which was a relatively nice round number at the end of it."

Meeting up with compete strangers obviously carries the risk of meeting some rather odd people but Dineen has been fortunate not to meet anyone too crazy so far.

He said: "There is a part of me that is really disappointed by that. I was hoping for a full-on psychopath but everyone has been lovely."

He has been a little overwhelmed by all the attention he has received from his Twitter quest.

He said: "When I started this whole thing the only goals I had in mind were that I thought it'd be fun, and I thought it'd be a good story to tell. It's delivered both in spades.

"Right, I'm gonna step away from the internet for a bit because to be honest, I'm getting pretty sick of the sight of me."

According to the Daily Mail, Dineen plans to make a show about his experience.

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