EDL Leader Tommy Robinson 'Refused Service In Selfridges'

Selfridges are investigating after a staff member apparently refused to serve the leader of the EDL and his friend due to their links with the far-right organisation.

Tommy Robinson - who filmed the encounter on his phone - claims his friend was told to "fuck off" when he tried to buy what appears to be Armani clothing.

When asked to clarify his position, the store clerk said: "You can put me in the camera all you want, I'm not serving you."

The manager was called and Robinson and his friend tweeted pictures of what they claim is a complimentary meal by way of an apology.

Robinson - real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon - said the staff member was sent home.

After hearing of the incident many people took to Twitter urging people to email Selfridges and congratulate the man for refusing service.

A spokesman for Selfridges said: "We pride ourselves on making everyone welcome and endeavour to provide world-class customer service at all times.

"We are therefore very disappointed at the incident which occurred this morning.

"We are taking the matter very seriously and are currently investigating it."

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