Liberal Democrat Conference: Party In PR Gaffe As Journalists Are Sent 'Secret' Strategy

PR Gaffe Or Masterstroke?

It's been a tricky start to the Lib Dem conference for Nick Clegg, with Vince Cable being awkward and supporters thinking the party's getting worse.

Luckily, his spin doctors stepped in to help him out - by sending his secret strategy briefing to the media.

In a move that makes playing Lib Dem interview bingo even easier, somebody emailed 'Five things to remember' to political journalists attending the conference in Glasgow.

Top of the list is 'This conference sees the party in a confident mood', followed by the Lib Dems' 'proud achievements', and digs at Labour and the Tories.

Not everyone was convinced it was an accident, however:

Some pundits suggested a masterstroke to get the media to keep repeating the Lib Dems' key messages.

Those key points in full

The party certainly seems to struggle to keep its private conversations out of the public gaze.

Last year the 'New Year attack lines' ended up getting leaked, which followed the emergence of a document saying 'we have no evidence our tactics our working'.

And last year Clegg retreated from a hastily-sent email branding gay marriage critics 'bigots'.


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