16/09/2013 07:37 BST | Updated 16/09/2013 11:34 BST

Northampton Clown Appears In Documentary, But Is It Really Him? (VIDEO)

He's terrorised and confused the residents of Northampton, trended on Twitter, and is now the subject of his own mockumentary.

And locals are still none-the-wiser about the identity of the Northampton Clown.

Now the Northampton Chronicle has unearthed a video, filmed in Northamptonshire, which appears to show the infamous clown being interviewed, in a video posted on YouTube four months ago.

Is this the Northampton Clown?

The film by Alex Powell is called The Local Clown, with its subject shown preparing his costume, with a painted red nose, a billowing yellow-patterned blouse and blue pantaloons.

The actor playing the clown is credited as William Johnston but is listed on the Star Now talent directory as Northampton actor, model and musician William Unwin, according to the newspaper.

He is seen sitting on a tatty sofa, next to two stuffed clown dolls, discussing his love for balloon animals. During the ten-minute film, the clown explores his crush on one of the "living statues" he passes by on the street.

The new sighting of the Northampton Clown

But the mystery is still not solved. Powell wrote under the video on YouTube: "Theres been lots of rumours that i'm the 'Northampton Clown' but i am NOT! But thanks for all the interest as its shot my views right up :)And i don't live in Northampton anymore."

The 'Spot The Northampton Clown' Facebook page now has almost 25,000 likes. A new image of the clown appeared overnight on the page.

But the prankster has warned that he will stop his capers if it all gets a bit too much for some coulrophobics.