Rare Day Of Total Calm Photographed By Nasa (Despite It Being Hurricane And Cyclone Season)

Nasa Photographs Rare Day Of Total Calm On The Oceans

Despite being the height of hurricane season in the Northern hemisphere, September 8th was a rare day of perfect calm across planet Earth.

And here's is the picture to prove it...

The image is a composite of fourteen polar satellite passes, or swaths, stitched together

There was not a single hurricane, cyclone, or tropical storm in the Atlantic, Pacific, or Indian Ocean basins in the hours that Nasa took to make the picture from many different snaps.

Obviously there was plenty of cloud but even the recent Lorena storm was breaking up near the Baja Peninsula.

After last year's devastating Hurricane Sandy, forecasters had predicted another turbulent summer for 2013.

Thankfully they seem to have been wrong and the weather gods seem to have been quite merciful... So far.

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