Majority Of Students Don't Know How To Boil An Egg, Half 'Not Confident' With Mashing Potatoes

78% Of Students Can't Boil An Egg, Half 'Not Confident' With Mashing Potatoes..

More than three quarters of students don't know how to boil an egg, while more than half are "not confident" with mashing potatoes or cooking rice, research has revealed.

A further 57% can't cook vegetables, while 49% are unable to slice a pepper. Two in five students would rate their diet unhealthy, with more than a third eating at least one microwave ready meal per week.

The study, by Italian pasta sauce company Sacla, questioned 1000 students and also found:

73% cannot cook simple, healthy meals

Three quarters survive on a diet of snacks, takeaways and microwave meals

45% don't have a clue how to make spag bol

75% can't roast a chicken

One in five have five or more takeaways a week

40% consider their diet to be unhealthy

33% spend more than £25 per week on booze

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