18/09/2013 07:47 BST | Updated 18/09/2013 07:50 BST

Labour MP Accused Of Comparing Lib Dems To Nazis

Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg (left) at Wandsworth Day Nursery in south London, as more than two million working families stand to gain through a major expansion of government support for childcare, ministers announced today.

A Labour MP has strongly denied comparing the Liberal Democrats to Nazi collaborators for their decision to enter coalition with the Conservative Party.

On Wednesday morning Derby North MP Chris Williamson Tweeted: "The #LibDems have facilitated the most vicious rightwing govt since WW2. Let's vote these collaborators out of office." Williamson's tweet was accompanied by a link to an Independent article that reported Nick Clegg would be ready to enter coalition with Labour.

The comment led to a flurry of replies on Twitter accusing the MP of evoking the Nazis.

However Williamson said the accusation was "ludicrous". He told HuffPost UK the reaction to his Tweet was simply Lib Dems "seeking divert attention away from the fact they have propped up such a nasty right-wing government".