Tony Abbott Sexism Row Escalates As Australia's New PM Unveils 'One Woman' Cabinet

David Cameron is said to have a woman problem, with a tiny female presence at the heart of his government.

But Australia's new premier makes Dave look like Germaine Greer.

Tony Abbott's cabinet, unveiled on Wednesday, is made up of 18 men and one woman: foreign minister Julie Bishop.

Under the previous Labor government, there were six women in the cabinet.

Abbott has previously made some interesting comments about women's equality, saying there is nothing wrong with women "simply doing more housework".

Abbott, whose Liberal-National thrashed Labor in the elections, has faced accusations of sexism before.

Last year, former PM Julia Gillard's gave a memorable speech in Parliament branding him a misogynist:

At a Liberal Party fundraiser, the 'Julia Gillard Kentucky fried quail' was on offer, featuring 'small breasts, huge thighs and a big red box'.

Abbott insisted his new cabinet was "one of the most experienced incoming ministries in our history", the BBC reported.

He is also set to scrap the role of science minister, a fund for green technologies and two climate change bodies.