David Cameron Pictured Snoozing With Red Box In Emily Sheffield's Instagram Snap

Who's That Snoozing In The Background?

Some like to nuzzle a teddy bear in bed, others a comfort blanket. But David Cameron loves a cosy cuddle with his big red box.

The picture of the PM 'chillaxing' on a four poster bed inadvertently crept onto Instagram, via a snap posted by Emily Sheffield, the sister of Samantha Cameron and deputy editor of British Vogue.

She took the rosy photograph at the wedding of Samantha’s half sister, Alice Sheffield who posed in her white dress with a champagne flute, on the day she married Etienne Cadestin.

The snap posted on Instagram of the PM snoozing

But in the background a barefoot prime minister is catching forty winks after a long day at the G20 summit in St Petersburg, before heading straight to the York wedding, according to the Times.

The picture was removed from the social network last night.

Both Alice and Emily are daughters of baronet Sir Reginald Sheffield

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